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The mission of HLC is to provide a superior club lacrosse experience for our players and families that develops young athletes through quality instruction and the opportunity to play lacrosse at the highest level year-round while promoting an atmosphere of fun and a sense of community.



  • Cultivate an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie for everyone associated with the club; players, parents, coaches, and volunteers.


  • Provide a positive learning environment for youth, and an opportunity for them to participate year-round and grow in the sport of lacrosse.


  • Promote a strong sense of community and tradition through the participation of current and alumni players committed to “playing it forward".


  • Concentrate on fundamentals, development of individual skill levels, and advanced offensive & defensive team concepts for better mastery of the game.


  • Honor “The Game” by instilling the values of sportsmanship and respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, & Self.


  • Utilize the game of lacrosse as a means to assist youth athletes in the development of positive characteristics and values that will help them succeed throughout their lives.


  • Compete with 100% effort in every facet of the game, during both practices and games, measuring success by more than the final score.


  • Adhere to US Lacrosse Gold Stick Standards of Excellence to ensure our program follows the “best practices” of quality youth lacrosse programs.


  • Require consistency in coaching across all age groups and skill levels through a curriculum-based approach.


  • Ensure parity of playing time for players that exhibit good effort, attitude, attendance and coachability.


  • Display transparency in all areas and at every level of our program.


  • Create open and continuous communication between coaches, players, and parents involved in our program.


  • Acknowledge the positive impact that playing multiple sports has on young athletes.


  • Ensure the safety and welfare of players, above all else.


  • Instill in our players a lifelong love for the sport of lacrosse.