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What is HLC?

HLC is a non-profit lacrosse program based in northern Baltimore County, Maryland. HLC fields teams for boys and girls in 2nd through 11th grade.  Teams are comprised of players from the Hereford Zone school district, as well as Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County, and southern Pennsylvania. Players come to HLC from various rec programs, and public and private school programs.

Is HLC affiliated with a particular rec or high school program?

HLC is affiliated with Hereford Zone Parks and Recreation Council.  Therefore, HLC has use of community resources and fields for clinics and practices. HLC’s coaching staff is comprised of experienced and certified coaches, knowledgeable alumni college players, and current players from Hereford High School’s lacrosse teams.

What is the difference between a club team and a rec travel or school team?

Club teams provide comprehensive instruction, specialized training and opportunities to play higher-level lacrosse year round.

Who is eligible to tryout?

Typically, players should be in grades 2 through 11 and have experience playing for rec travel and/or club teams.  A player’s county or state residence, school, past club affiliations, or years of experience do not prohibit a player from trying out.

Why is a US Lacrosse membership required to participate on a HLC team?

HLC is a member of U.S. Lacrosse. Additional insurance coverage for players and coaches is provided through membership.  Sponsors of tournaments also require that each player be a member of U.S. Lacrosse.  More information can be found at: http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership.aspx.

Can a member of a HLC team, still play for a recreation or school team?

HLC’s spring season runs concurrently with rec, travel and school lacrosse programs.  Every effort will be made to schedule practices and games at times that do not conflict with these lacrosse programs. HLC players are encouraged to continue playing for their current spring program.  The summer club lacrosse season starts after the last recreation/MYLA weekend.

Will playing club lacrosse interfere with playing other sports?

Playing multiple sports is a benefit to the growth and development of young athletes.  Players should honor the sport that is “in season” when conflicts arise.

What is the commitment level required to play club lacrosse?

Scheduled practices and participation in clinics, leagues and tournaments will vary by team and depend on the age group.  Typical commitment levels are as follows:

  • Fall 2017 - skills clinics or practices, 1 to 2 tournaments possible
  • Winter 2017-2018 - optional indoor training
  • Spring 2018 - 1 to 2 practices per week, weekend games in spring club league, 1 to 2 tournaments possible
  • Summer 2018 – 2 practices per week, 2 to 3 local tournaments and 1 away tournament possible as determined by coach & team, ending by mid July 

Where will practices be held?

All teams will practice at either Hereford High School turf, Hereford Middle School in Parkton, Maryland.

How are tournaments selected?

Generally, tournaments that are known to be well organized, and host competitive teams are selected. Tournaments with college recruiting activities is an emphasis for the older teams.  For younger teams, tournaments that have the most potential to learn and have fun in a developmental setting are selected.

What is the roster size for HLC teams?

Each team will carry approximately 18-22 players. Small numbers will allow coaches to spend more time with each player during practices and increase playing time during games.

Do players play equal amounts during league and tournament games?

Playing time is equal for all players in good standing.  Playing time can be affected by player attitude, attendance, effort, and coachability.  Small roster sizes will ensure players receive ample playing time during league and tournament games.

What is HLC’s refund policy?

In general, no refunds will be issued once a player has accepted an invitation to join a team, and his membership fees have been collected.  HLC’s board of directors will review requests on a case-by-case basis if special circumstances arise. For more information, see the Policy section of this website.

Do members of HLC teams have to tryout each year?

HLC holds open tryouts. Returning players must tryout and be evaluated each year. This will help coaches place and evaluate new players as well as determine the growth of existing players over the previous season.

Who are the coaches and how are they selected?

HLC’s coaching staff is comprised of individuals that share a passion for lacrosse and a dedication to coaching young athletes.  All of HLC’s coaches have significant experience playing lacrosse and/or coaching youth athletes.  Our coaches are a mix of rec and high school coaches, current and former college players, and current elite high school players. Each team will have two to three coaches.  A head coach is selected for each team with assistants that balance out the coaching staff.  Coaches do not rotate during the season.  This allows for coaches and players to form a stronger bond throughout the season with this type of continuity.  All coaches are trained to instruct players according to our program's curriculum. In addition, each head coach must complete a full background check, Level 1 US Lacrosse coaching course and the Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal (PCA) certification. Coaches are selected by the Board of Directors and reviewed annually.